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With over two decades of experience, SITKO Porch & Deck Builders Chicago is the go to for every time you need porch contractors in Chicago or porch repair in Chicago. We at our porch construction and repair shop specialize in the construction and repair of porches and decks. We’re not limited to single family homes; we also work on Chicago’s abundance of 2 and 3 story apartment buildings which need porch builders and renovation. We’re here to help with you porch or deck project in Chicago! We’ll give you our honest opinion on whether your best option is repair or a complete rebuild. For the best porch & deck builders & porch or deck repair in Chicago has to offer, give us a call.

We are also an expert in building or repairing rooftop decks in Chicago.

Sitko Porch & Deck Builders & Repair Chicago- Services we deliver to Chicago residents:


  • We repair and build front & back porches in Chicago with or without Chicago code violations.
  • We repair and build back decks. garage decks and rooftop decks in Chicago with or without code violations.
  • We provide an architect when a permit is necessary.
  • We also offer porch and deck repairs in Chicago to our customers.


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When you need a new porch, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. The location of the porch, the materials to make your porch from, the decisions are endless.SITKO Porch & Deck Builders Chicago can help. We are a porch builders Chicago can trust for all of their porch and deck needs. J. Sitko, offers many different types of materials for your porch or deck: prime grade pressure treated lumber, composite wood, cedar wood, and ipe wood. We also construct steel porches.

Chicago, particularly Wrigleyville, is known for their rooftop decks.SITKO Porch & Deck Builders Chicago can build most professional and sophisticated rooftop decks. Though Chicago winters are known for being cold, the summers are wonderful. For homeowners, rooftop decks are perfect for grilling, people watching, and just enjoying the weather. For business owners, it can add another element to impress and satisfy your customers. Rooftop decks can operate as restaurant seating, beautiful gardens, Leave it open to the elements or provide elements of shelter and shade. Some things to consider when planning a rooftop deck Chicago include access and load bearing capacity. If you already have access to your roof, wonderful. If not, that may be an added expense. The capacity for load bearing is very important, especially due to Chicago snows. Chicago roofs are often designed to support large loads. No matter your wants and needs, SITKO Porch & Deck Builders Chicago is happy to help you build a deck, porch, or rooftop deck that meets your specifications.



About Us

SITKO Porch & Deck Builders & Repair Chicago has been in porch and deck business in Chicago and in Cook County for 20 years. We specialize in building new porch systems and custom decks and repairing porch systems and decks for 2 & 3 story apartment buildings and for single family dwellings.

We also provide our customers a very efficient and unique full service with an architect to address any and all code violation issues that The City of Chicago has cited our customers for.

We have our own work crews and provide quality European craftmanship.

We are licensed, bonded and insured

Please consider SITKO Porch & Deck Builders & Repair Chicago for any project that you may be considering no matter how large or small and we are absolutely sure that your experience will be a good one.


Porches and Decks

At SITKO Porch & Deck Builders Chicago : When we first meet with our customers we decide if a porch or deck system is repairable or if the best value for the customer and for a long-term solution is new porch or deck construction.

When we meet with a client for a project that has code violations we always provide a licensed architect who will design a porch or custom deck system that is secure, safe and afffordable.

Before we apply for a building permit our customers always review the architects design and we wait for approval.

We construct porch systems and custom decks in composite wood, cedar wood, IPE wood, steel and pressure treated lumber

We design and construct all porches and decks to City of Chicago Building Code.

We construct porches and decks for home owners, condo associations and property management companies



Sitko Porch & Deck Builders & Repair Chicago